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Does the success of the business depend on the availability and maintenance of a corporate website? What are its benefits? What is the price for developing a corporate website? What does the service entail?

Developing a corporate website is of significant importance for the growth of every business. A big part of the online users search services and buy products online. Without a website, you lose the possibility to open the market for new customers.

The benefits of a professionally made corporate website:

  • Creating a positive image – a professionally made website makes for more trust in customers.
  • Accessibility – users can use the website at any time when they need a certain product or service.
  • Market growth – reaching new market niches.
  • Attracting more customers – reaching more new customers and easy access to the website for the current ones.
  • Customer communication opportunities – building loyalty to the brand.
  • Popularizing the brand – brand recognition will help a lot with the business growth.
  • Save time – instead of spending a lot of time answering questions, now the answers can be seen online on the website.
  • Results tracking – tracking the website traffic – how many people have visited it and why. This is how you find out what needs optimization to ensure success.

Page Rules offers a unique website development to every client, entirely matching the type of the services on offer. A finished and well working product with a memorable design will urge the customers to use it.

What does the service entail:

  • Creating a graphic design, matching the corporate image of the company and the client’s vision.
  • Responsive design – easy to use on desktop PCs, mobile devices, and tablets.
  • Optimizing the speed 100 for 100 (Google PageSpeed Insights).
  • Unique logo development – a choice between a few logo options.
  • Creating a home page compatible with modern DHTML/CSS concepts used for website development.
  • Creating the main navigation of the website (links or menu).
  • Unlimited amount of categories and sub-categories in the menu which will encase all the products on offer.
  • Search engine – searching different keywords or phrases for the customer’s convenience.
  • Image gallery.
  • The option to upload .pdf, Word, and Excel files.
  • Creating internal web pages – up to 15 (i.e. About Us, Contacts, Web Site Map, etc.)
  • Security – with the technology we use in our line of work we guarantee that the entire online information will be protected.
  • Administrator’s tools for content management – for every project we do we create an individual CMS (administration panel) according to the web site’s needs.
  • The option to upgrade a website – every time there is a new idea or desire for the addition of new functions, they can be easily integrated.
  • Developing a module for an additional language option on the website.
  • SEO module (search engine optimization) for meta titles and meta descriptions of products and categories. Real time on-page SEO for the source code.
  • Google Analytics installation.
  • Free hosting for an entire year.
  • The option for monthly maintenance of the software.

The price of the service

The price depends on the complexity of the project itself. It is set depending on the functions which the company website will have (i.e. search engine, gallery, etc.). The price varies depending on the set deadline as well.

Why choose us?

Page Rules Ltd. has an experience of 8 years behind it in the development of company website and online stores. Our goal is to develop successful projects which will meet the personal needs of each and every client.

We guarantee the professional website development which will increase user interest and, respectively, the profit. Regardless whether it is a small company or a bona fide brand, the online presence is of utmost importance.

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