SEO audit

What is SEO audit? What does the service entail? Why is SEO auditing necessary for the optimization of every website?


What is SEO audit?

Before making a plan for the improvement of the ranking of every website, its current state must be taken into consideration. This is done via complex analysis called an SEO audit.

On the basis of the professionally handled audit, the SEO specialists seek a solution for eliminating all kinds of possible problems which would affect the search result rankings negatively.

Benefits of the SEO audit:

  • It shows the current state of the SEO campaign.
  • It locates the weak points of a website.
  • The audit provides information on which keywords the website is optimized with.
  • fter a finished audit we can create an efficient strategy.
  • The audit helps with increasing the number of conversions and sales.
  • It provides a clear picture about which factors affect the ranking.
  • Increases the targeted traffic to the website.
  • Competition analysis.
  • And a number of other benefits.

What does the service we offer entail?

Page Rules does the audit on several levels. Most commonly, they include the following components:

Technical audit (On-Site):

  • Analysis of the website’s entire structure.
  • Creating a Robots.txt file.
  • Removing duplicated content.
  • Creating internal linking.
  • Creating a 404 error page.
  • Creating a 50X error page.
  • Improving of the structure of the URL addresses.
  • Microdata intergration (
  • Integration and navigation of ‘breadcrumbs’.
  • Optimization and compression of image speed.
  • Web page optimization.
  • Optimization of the source code and the loading speed of the web site.
  • Optimization of 301 hyperlinking.
  • Applying of other additional methods and strategies.

On-page optimization:

  • Meta title optimization.
  • Meta description optimization.
  • Keywords optimization.
  • Alt and title image attribute optimization.
  • Content optimization (relatedness, keyword density).
  • Social media button placement.
  • Internal link building optimization.
  • Applying other additional methods and strategies.

Off-page optimization:

  • Backlinks analysis.
  • Analysis of the keywords the website uses.
  • Competition analysis.
  • Applying other additional methods and strategies.

Price of the SEO audit service?

Setting the price takes several things into consideration: the type of the web site and its size. The number of web pages and the commercial niche in which it is created are also taken into consideration. We provide an individual offer for every client depending on the web site’s current state as well as the results which the client wishes to achieve.

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Why choose us?

After the SEO audit made by the Page Rules experts, the client gets a fully optimized website which will generate more traffic and realize more profit.

When choosing our professionals for a complete SEO service, the SEO audit becomes free for the entire period of the optimization.

We also offer the online store SEO service for the owners of an e-store. This service also gets a full technical SEO audit.

Trust in our years of experience and together we will achieve the desired online results.


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