Terms and Conditions of Use

I. Under the following terms of use:

“USER” is any individual who uses any of our website’s services.

“SERVICE / S” on the website include:
– access to the provided via web browser information resources / data on the website;
– access to comments and providing a rating on the website;
– creating and personalizing user accounts via registration which provides additional options for access to our data resources;
– receiving email-bulletins by registered website Users.

“HARMFUL THIRD PARTY ATTACKS” are actions or inactions of third parties which contradict the rules of internet ethics including, but not limited to, overloading servers, unlawful access to servers, data theft, and so on.

II. Common Terms

The following common terms have a binding function only in the context of the relationship between you as a User of the services of the website and Page Rules Ltd.
You receive the right to use the services of the website only for personal / non-trade purposes. By posting an opinion / comment in forums, you agree not to publish or distribute advertising messages, speak out inappropriately, as well as insult other participants in the discussion. Page Rules Ltd. holds no liability for any opinions the User expresses.

III. Intellectual Property

1. All rights are reserved. All rights related to the intellectual property of the information resources and materials published in the website are protected by the Intellectual Property Law and similar laws, and any unregulated use of said resources and materials is considered a wrongdoing and bears civil, administrative, and criminal responsibility in accordance with the current Bulgarian legislation.

IV. Confidentiality

Page Rules Ltd. will seek to guarantee the safety of the information holding personal data, provided by customers online via filled registration forms. A disclosure of said information is possible only in the evens when it is required by law or law-enforced individuals who gather information containing personal data in compliance with the statutory order. Page Rules Ltd. can provide gathered statistical information about website traffic to advertising services and / or agencies, who take statistical data about the traffic coming from clicking on adverts, banners, to develop internal statistics, as well as use it for the purposes of our direct marketing.
By accepting the following terms, the User agrees to processing of his or her personal data for the purposes of direct marketing. The User has the right to object against the processing of his or her personal data for the purposes of direct marketing by sending a letter to Page Rules Ltd. to the stated address or an e-mail to contact us.

V. Limiting Responsibility

Page Rules Ltd. does everything necessary to provide the website with true, accurate, and current information without excluding the possibility of accidental objective inconsistencies or omissions. Page Rules Ltd. does not hold responsibility for the consequences, including potential damages coming from or connected in any way to the access, the use, or the incapability to use this website. All the information on the website is provided in accordance with the current Bulgarian legislation and Page Rules Ltd. does not guarantee its inviolability and safety against harmful third party attacks.
Page Rules Ltd. holds no responsibility for subjective understandings and interpretations about the accuracy, the completeness, and the usefulness of the informational resources on this website.
Page Rules Ltd. holds no responsibility about information (including its completeness and accuracy) contained within websites access to which can be found on this website.
Page Rules Ltd. has the right to compensation for all damages, expenses, and claims from third parties coming as consequences from violations of these common terms of use and / or unregulated use of the services of this website.

VI. Services Requiring Registration

Page Rules Ltd. reserves the right to provide access to certain services requiring a registration. Said services are:
The option to publish comments;
The option to add an avatar photo and a user profile;
Access to a bulletin with the latest additions on our website.
The User can get access to a free and full access to the sections of the website that require a registration if he or she creates an individual user account. In the User’s account, he or she is required to provide complete, true, accurate, and current information.
Page Rules Ltd. reserves the right to decide whether to provide a profile (account) to the User, to remove or limit user accounts which we have decided to be unacceptable, as well as in the case there is reasonable suspicion about the breaking of the current terms of use.
Page Rules Ltd. reserves the right to stop the provision of the free services mentioned above via publishing an announcement on the website.

VII. Changes

Page Rules Ltd. reserves the right to make changes in the current terms of use at any given time and accordingly publishing said changed on the website along with a message about the changes in the section Common Terms.
All unresolved matters under the Terms of Use of this website are a subject to be resolved by the current Bulgarian legislation.
The current Terms of Use take effect as of 01.08.2016.


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