Content Marketing

What is content marketing? What is the price of such a service? How will content affect the search results ranking?

The creation of useful and valuable content has got to be a priority for the successful development of every business, regardless of its market niche.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is the marketing strategy aimed at creating and distributing quality content. The goal is to increase the audience and improve the user experience.

Content marketing is not aimed at direct sales, but rather at creating valuable and useful content for online audience. Users get quality information and they respond with loyalty to the brand. Also, Google ranks higher the web sites which offer fresh and interesting content.

The benefits of content optimization:

  • Sales increase – the well-written content has got keywords which will help search engines rank the web site higher. This means more organic traffic to the web site.
  • Brand recognition – content, written by marketing experts, will lead to popularizing the brand. When the content is well written, the users will discuss it and will share it.
  • Establishing loyalty – optimized content creates more loyal customers. When users get valuable and relevant information which answers their questions, they will be back again.
  • Trust building – frequent posting of quality content which informs and entertains the audience will create trust. This way the web site gets a bigger trust rank.

Here at Page Rules we develop an individual plan for every client and we optimize content in a way which creates trust in users and helps the successful establishing of the brand.

What we offer:

  • Creating a content strategy related to the needs of the business and the audience.
  • Target audience analysis – before generating content it is advisable to define the audience at which it will be meant for.
  • Keyword analysis and creating a semantic core.
  • Creating a creative and quality content which engages users.
  • Adding images and video.
  • Creating and adding infographics.
  • Creating and posting blog posts.
  • Posting and sharing content in social media.
  • Competition analysis.

Price of the service

The price of this service depends on the deadline you wish to impose, by the current state of the content on your web site, and the size of the text we need to create for the web site. If there is an already established marketing strategy, we can cooperate with its improvement or with creating an entirely new one.

Make use of our free consultation! We offer lucrative deals which take in mind the needs of the client and his or her audience!

Why choose us?

Our marketing specialists will create a strategy best suited for the specificities of your business. The content we will create will include quality and valuable information and will be useful and entertaining for readers.

The goal is to help establishing a loyal audience, brand recognition and last, but not least, generating more profit. As good as a content can be, it does not meet any goals if the website does not function well and does not have an attractive design. We offer a professional website development with a memorable vision and a mobile version.

Our social media marketing service is also very useful for promoting the created content and achieving more online users.

Guarantee success with our experience. Get in touch with us now!


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