Local SEO

What is local search SEO? What are its benefits? Why does a website need local SEO?

Our local SEO service is the right choice for effective promotion of a local business. With the local search SEO you guarantee yourself more calls and increase the chance for customers to find and visit the location of your business.

What is local SEO?

The local SEO has the goal of providing results which the searching user wants to see, depending on his or her current location.

This means that if a user searcher for ‘the best sushi restaurant’, Google will provide results which are nearest in location to the user in question.

Google knows that this is a local search so it includes a list of local restaurants and data about them with a map in the returned results. The search results include additional metadata for every business, which are: ratings and number of feedbacks by customers, address, working hours, telephone number, website, and so on.

With a proper local SEO, the given data will be provided to the search engine and the business will come up front in the search results, along with a detailed description of the services provided.

Benefits of local SEO

Every kind of local business would benefit from this service. Here are the benefits:

  • Increasing the sales and customer inflow – if you popularize your brand online, you can be sure that you will increase the number of customers.
  • Return on investment – unlike traditional ads which don’t return any interest, investing in local SEO allows you to be visible when necessary.
  • Brand recognition – the customer begins associating the location with the business.
  • Building trust – internet users often read comments about services and products. When the feedback is positive, they will not hesitate to find the location of the business and turn into regular customers.
  • Competitiveness – if the competition are not yet ranked in local results, you will always be one step ahead with internet ads.

What will our service include?

  • Creating and managing a business account in Google My Business.
  • Adding the client’s business with a marker in Google Maps on the target webpage.
  • Adding business contacts wherever possible.
  • Adding images.
  • Adding working hours
  • NAP (adding name, address, phone number).
  • Removing duplicating ads.
  • Popularizing the business in local media.
  • Creating a local Facebook page.
  • On-page optimization.
  • Results analysis with Google Analitycs

Price of the service

The price is set depending on the niche in which your business operates. It depends whether the commercial niche is competitive and what is the desired target. Another defining factor is whether the business has to be visible for one or more locations (i.e. visible for just one town – Sofia, Plovdiv, etc., or visible for the whole country). The price also varies depending on your deadline preference.

Why choose us?

Page Rules has a rich experience in SEO as a whole and in local SEO. We apply the most effective strategies depending on the needs of the business. With our help you will make your brand visible and you will always be one step ahead of the competition.

By choosing us, the customer gets:

  • An increased online presence.
  • Higher ranking results when searching locally.
  • Attracting a targeted traffic for the business.
  • An increase in the competitiveness in the related commercial niche.
  • The business will become easier to access by local customers.
  • Generating more calls and visits to your local business.


The upgrade of every marketing strategy is the right way to create a successful business. We also offer an online store SEO service, optimal for online stores with a local address. With a proper SEO, we guarantee the increase of conversions and attracting more customers to every online business.

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