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How does a professionally done web design increase sales? Why is the web design a deciding factor for creating a positive user experience and how does it affect customer decisions?

What does a professionally developed web design entail?

The web design is the visual concept of a web site. The web design is the face of the business on the Internet.
The process of developing a web design includes a visual representation of the content: its font and style, navigation, graphics, colours, images, and so on.

The development of a professional and individual website is a complex process of planning, organizing, and arranging how the website will look like.

The beautiful design helps the business to look authentic, authoritative, and successful online.

The custom web design is done according to the specifics of the business which it is meant for and with the preferences of the client in mind. The web designers aim their efforts towards creating a unique product, convenient for the user and urging him or her into action, such as purchasing a product or booking a service.

The benefits of a custom web design:

  • Creating an emotional user experience: UX web design. The professional web design aims to increase user contention by offering a quick and easy navigation, creativity, and quality execution of service. A big part of the customer flow stays on the web page because of the presence of a professional web design. If the customer finds the web design reliable, they will be more open to the idea of making a purchase.
  • Avoiding technical issues – Users tend to quit a website if it has a slow loading time, if the images are blurry and warped, or there are errors in the links. With our web design service, every detail is optimized so that the website looks and works perfectly.
  • Easy to navigate – the design is created according to its target audience so that potential customers can enjoy the time spent in the web site.
  • More conversions – a website which is done according to the users’ needs will generate more sales. The web design itself is created so that it urges them into action. The UX web design (user experience design) is very important when developing online stores.
  • Building a better public image – a professional web design will make the web site look reliable to users.

What does our service entail:

  • Consultation – the first step to a successful website is making its goals clear. Our specialists will help with defining those goals and they will develop a plan for executing the project which is according to the client’s wishes.
  • Creating a professional design – when creating a website design we always abide by the client’s wants and needs so that we are sure that he or she is happy with the end results.
  • Developing a website – We will help with the development of all the website functions which will be in accordance with the specific needs of the business (such as a photo gallery, unlimited amount of sub-categories, multi-language option, and so on.
  • Responsive web design – easy to use on all mobile devices, tablets, and desktop PCs.

Price of the service

The price depends on the type of the project (company web design, online store, etc.). We take under consideration the deadline for the completion of the service. To be more clear about the price and what it and the service entails, we offer a free consultation.

Why choose us?

The trends and user behaviour are constantly changing. Here at Page Rules we can help with the race against the competition by offering a quality final product: a professional web site with a unique and functional web design.

We can refresh an already created web design (redesign) or create an entirely new one. Our web designers keep track of all the current trends and successfully apply them in their work.

Seek us out now! Make use of our special deals and package services.


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