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What is email marketing? How do prices vary? Why is email marketing effective?

Here we will answer all these questions and we will clear up why this marketing strategy is important for the successful business creation.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is a commercial channel with which you can promote products or services via sending emails. With this type of advertising the goal is not only to make sales, but also establish a connection and loyalty between customers and the brand.

The most sent emails are ones for welcoming, e-bulletins, event invitations, promotions, promo codes with discounts, and so on. The email marketing is a very flexible tool around which you can make all kinds of messages. Ads can be texts, video, or images.

Why is this advertising channel effective?

  • Precise targeting – unlike radio or television, here the advertisements reach only the audience which the client has deemed desired. We sent messages to users who are interested by the service or product at hand.
  • Appropriate for business communication – communication via email is a common practice for communication in business environments and business relations. That way a more presentable company identity is achieved.
  • Bigger audience range – everybody who is active online has an email account. So when it comes to connecting with customers, the rmail is the best way to go.
  • Brand recognition – with every email sent the users learn information about the business and the brand. A well-planned marketing strategy, a precise design, and quality email content will create a positive image for the customer and an easy brand recognition.
  • Easy to share – emails sent to users are extremely easy to share, just by using the ‘Forward’ button.
  • Results analysis – along with the analysis, this marketing method allows measuring the effectiveness with precision. Here we speak of information about: percentage of users who have received the email, percentage of users who have opened it, percentage of users who have ordered the product or service, and so on. The email marketing allows precise analysis of user behavior. That way it is easy to keep track of how successful is the current campaign.
  • Low costs – the biggest advantage of email marketing is maybe the return on investment (ROI).
  • Establishing brand loyalty and trust – customers are important, they need to be informed about all updates and to open a channel for communication.

What does the service entail:

  • Sending welcome emails.
  • Sending advertisement emails.
  • Other email campaigns – sending promo codes for a discount and other deals.
  • Developing content and design (images and videos).
  • Tracking the status of messages – sent, opened, and so on.
  • Adaptive mobile version design.
  • Email list segmentation.
  • Automated email process.
  • Results analysis.

Price of the service

The price depends of the size of the project and the budget which the customer is ready to set for it.

We offer free consultation to discuss together what sort of campaign would be most useful, depending on the business and its specifications. We make individual offers to customers, wholly based on their personal needs.

Why choose us?

Here at Page Rules we take into consideration the specificities of the target audience, its preferences and searches. We create marketing messages with convincing content to intrigue and turn users into loyal customers.

Along with our email marketing strategy, you can also add Facebook advertising and Google Adwords. Promoting the business in other digital channels turns achieving online visibility into an easy venture, and turns the advertising into sales.

Browse through our other digital marketing services to develop a complete marketing strategy.

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