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What is Google Adwords? What are its advantages in Google advertising? What will an Adwords campaign entail? What is the price of such advertisement?

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What is Google Adwords?

This is the most popular platform for online advertising. It allows advertising agents to promote a website in Google (and other partner media).

There are several advertising formats that come in use, the most common one is the keyword option: words and phrases which users use in Google. Adwords Search (paid publications) is shown to the customer only if he or she has searched a certain product or service.

When Google users search for a keyword that matches one of those set in the advertising campaign, Google will show the sponsored publication leading to the website. It will be located in the first few links in the search results list and will be marked with an ‘ad’ label so that the users know this is a sponsored link.

This type of advertising pays out only if a user clicks on it to visit the provided website. The daily budget is defined entirely by the advertiser and can be changed at any given time. The platform allows a flexible management of the ad campaign and it can be stopped, paused, or corrected, without any additional fees.

What are the benefits of Adwords advertising:

  • Advertising in one of the most used search engines – Google.
  • Increases the visibility of the business on the web.
  • Flexible method – the price is defined by the advertiser and can be changed at any given time, depending on his or her current needs.
  • No limit to the number of keywords and ads.
  • Quick results – Adwords campaigns are the best way to immediately increase the website traffic..
  • Real time results – the platform provides statistics for the success of the ad campaign. That way the customer can check on the results of the investment at any time.
  • Increase in conversions – the website will be visited by correctly targeted users who will look exactly what you are offering.
  • Re-marketing options – in the Google Adwords platform there is a re-marketing option after the user has already visited the website.
  • The chance to promote your business outside of Google – in our huge partnership network of websites where you can promote using banners, video, or text ads.
  • High investment return – you pay only when a user visits an advertised webpage of your website.

What does our service entail

Page Rulesassists with starting or improving an existing Adwords ad. Our service encapsulates the whole ad process – creation, management, and optimization. Here is what our service entails:

  • Keyword choosing.
  • Competition analysis.
  • Ad text creation.
  • Adding images to the ad.
  • Target page optimization.
  • Conversions tracking.
  • Ad budget management.
  • Developing a re-marketing strategy if the customer wishes.
  • Other additional methods and strategies for increasing sales.

Service price

The budget for a Google ad is defined entirely by the customer. Mainly under consideration is taken how competitive the market niche of the business is. Meaning that the more interest there is for a given word, the higher the price per click will be, and this will increase the need for a bigger budget.

Contact us for a free consultation so that we can discuss possible options.

Why choose us?

One of our strengths is offering successful marketing strategies. We develop ad campaigns by keeping the customer’s goals in mind. Our work is aimed at increasing the visibility of a given website and increasing the website traffic. That way you will increase your sales and you will achieve the desired business growth.

To develop a comprehensive marketing strategy, you can make use of our Facebook Advertising and Email Marketing services. That way you guarantee yourself the most potential customers.

Trust us, we will help you reach the desired business growth!


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