Facebook Advertising

Why invest in Facebook ads? What are their advantages? How much do Facebook ads cost?

Here we will answer all the questions related to the creation of an ad campaign in Facebook and the benefits to the business coming from an effective advertisement. We will offer solutions and strategies for increasing the user’s interest.

What is Facebook advertising?

Facebook ads help with popularizing the brand or promoting different products among a precisely targeted audience.

When we advertise on Facebook we use detailed information about potential customers: where they are, where they live, what they work, what are their interests. This data helps the quality of the ads and the quality of the user experience which leads to more successful sales. When the ad is visible to a proper target group, its success is guaranteed.

Facebook advertising benefits:

  • The majority of online users spend their time on Facebook.
  • The success of the ad campaigns is easy to track.
  • An immediate traffic after the ad’s release.
  • The use of photos or videos to draw in user interest.
  • Targeting options (according to city, region, age, interests, and so on).
  • Reaching the customers before the purchasing process, before they realize that they need the product or the service. And, of course, to achieve visibility for potential customers who have decided on purchasing the product.
  • Full control of the daily budget.
  • Return on investment (ROI).

What does the service entail:

  • Developing the ideas and business goals of the client.
  • Creating a unique marketing strategy.
  • Creating or improving a Facebook page for better communication with the target audience.
  • Creating an attractive web design and text for the ad itself.
  • Applying different ad formats.
  • Adding images, video, and other multimedia content to improve user experience.
  • Daily ad maintenance.
  • Optimizing and adapting the ad depending on the target changes.
  • Budget accounting.
  • Expert analysis of the campaign’s results.
  • Frequent consultations with marketing experts.

The price of the service

The expenses for the ad depend on the scale of the campaign and the goals you chose. The budget itself, the daily budget and the click budget, is created entirely by the client. The sum is a subject of correction depending on the campaign’s improvement.

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Why pick us?

With a professionally developed Facebook ad, the marketing experts of Page Rules will make sure that the audience of the brand is increased and the brand is streaming online. Respectively, the profit will rise along with the popularity.

We will take on the whole campaign management – from its inception to its successful realization. With daily monitoring, we track and analyze the results of the ad and we make the necessary changes to keep it optimized to a maximum level.

For the business growth and increasing customer interest, we recommend the complementing the Facebook marketing strategy with ads in Google Adwords and Email Marketing. The promotion is as many as possible online channels helps reaching the target audience and profit increase.

Here at Page Rules, we offer a complete solution to improving the user interest and we provide the correct steps forward to applying all brands in the online setting.

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