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What is pay per click advertising? What is the price? Does every website need such ads?

What is PPC advertising?

Pay Per Click is a type of ad where the advertiser pays a certain sum when a user clicks on the ad and visits the website. Paid ads are placed in front of ‘organic’ results and are better visible to users.

PPC ads help the website to rank due to keywords and phrases chosen beforehand. They can be connected to the products or services which they advertise. When a user types some of the chosen keywords (for instance, ‘sports shoes’), the search engine will place on top the paid results connected to that search.

The advertiser can set a daily budget and when it is done, the ad stops automatically.

Is it suitable for all kinds of business?

Of course! This type of advertising could work for every business. Regardless whether there is a service or product on offer, or a brand is being popularized, the PPC ad is the right choice.

This is true because the PPC ad targets a certain online audience in order make the ad visible to suitable users – the ones looking for what you are promoting.

Just like with every other marketing campaign practice, results may vary – especially with factors such as industry, product, price range, competition, and ad efficiency.

Because of this, PPC advertising should be controlled by an experienced professional who will track the conversions and apply different strategies when needed.

What we offer as a service:

  • Development of an individual marketing strategy and its implementation.
  • A detailed analysis of the competition.
  • Creating and optimizing advertisement.
  • Return of investment tracking.
  • Analysis of the most suitable keywords for ranking the business.
  • Monitoring of the achieved results.
  • Tracking the progress of the campaign and reporting it in.
  • Looking for new business growth options.

In which paid platforms is the ad applied?

In which paid platforms is the ad applied?

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Mobile advertising networks.
  • Other PPC ad platforms.

Price of the service

The price depends on the customer’s individual needs, the chosen ad platforms and their number. Also of importance is the strength of the competition in the same market niche.

You may use our free consultation where we will talk in detail about the different options which we offer.

Why come to us?

Our team of marketing specialists has the experience and the skills to guarantee a return on investment with every ad campaign.

With over 8 years of experience in advertising, we offer quality SEO services, monitoring of the whole process of the ad campaign and advice about future growth. With a properly managed PPC ad, the increase in the correct traffic is guaranteed, and with it come the sales and profit.

Apart from PPC ads, we also specialize in creating and managing ad campaigns on Facebook and Google Adwords. They are important components for maxing out every marketing strategy.

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